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LEGO CUUSOO Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21104) Review

Way back in August 18, 2012, the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover project by Stephen Pakbaz, aka Perijove, achieved 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO. At the beginning of the year, it became available for purchase on LEGO [email protected] and sold out very quickly. I’ve managed to get one before stock ran out and here’s my take on it. The Curiosity Rover (21104) contains 295 and retails for $29.99. At 295 pieces, this set is currently the smallest CUUSOO set that has been released by LEGO. The box contains one instructions book, four un-numbered bags, and two loose 8×16 tan plates.

LEGO CUUSOO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21104) LEGO CUUSOO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21104)


LEGO CUUSOO Goes From Quarterly Reviews to Tri-Annual

The team at LEGO CUUSOO has been working to streamline their rules and policies to make the whole process a smoother one. In their latest blog post, they note that they are switching the quarterly review schedule to three times a year and the “shift aligns the review schedule with the rest of the LEGO Group’s internal processes in a way that allows us to release results more regularly.” The review deadlines will now be in May, September, and January. This change will also allows CUUSOO to give results faster for their reviews and instead of waiting nine months for the results, you’ll see them around four months. In addition, they are working to shorten production times so the sets can get to the consumers quicker.

Finally, the results of the Fall 2013 Review will be coming in the next couple of weeks. The deadline for the first 2014 Review deadline is May 5th at 12:00am GMT.


LEGO CUUSOO BTTF – UCS DeLorean Time Machine Achieves 10,000 Supporters

The BTTF – UCS DeLorean Time Machine is the the latest project to hit 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO. The project was getting very close to the Winter Review deadline but it garnered enough supporters with only 8 minutes to spare. This is Team BTTF’s second project to get the required supporters for it to have a chance to become an official LEGO set with the first one being the first being the regular The DeLorean Time Machine (21103). This version of the DeLorean was build by Legohaulic and is fit with the RC Function system (see below). Although it won’t get 88 mph, it’ll still be pretty fun to have if it becomes an official set.

The UCS DeLorean now joins the Macross VF-1 Valkyrie, Sherlock, Legend of Zelda Iron Knuckle Encounter, Japanese Old Style Architecture, and The Adventure Time Project in the Winter Review Stage. Congratulations again to Team BTTF for this achievement!

Congratulations on 10,000 supporters!


Congratulations, m.togami and Legohaulic, for reaching 10,000 supporters just in the nick of time for the Winter 2014 LEGO Review deadline!

We now officially advance this project to the Review phase.

What happens now?
This project moves from the Idea stage to the Review stage. A “LEGO Review Board” composed of designers, product managers, and other key team members will examine the idea. We’ll build concept models and determine if the concept meets our high standards for what it takes to be a LEGO product. This includes factors such as playability,


New January 2014 LEGO Sets Now Available Plus Promo Details

LEGO January 2014 Calendar

It’s January, in the east coast at the time of this writing, and there are new LEGO sets available to purchase on [email protected]. Some notable additions include the Maersk Line Triple E (10241)icon. The set contains 1518 pieces and goes for $149.99. Next is the LEGO Creator Parisian Restaurant (10243) which contains 2469 pieces and retails for $159.99. The newest LEGO CUUSOO set is also avaialble, the NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21104). It has 295 pieces and goes for $29.99. Finally, you can get your hands on the LEGO Architecture Eiffel Tower (21019). This new addition contains 321 pieces and selling for $34.99.

There are also some promotions going on this month. From January 1-20, for every purchase of $50 or more, you can get a free LEGO City Police ATV Polybag (30228), while supplies last.

At the start of every week of January, you can get a free LEGO Movie character poster with any purchase. The characters include Wyldstyle, Emmet, Lord Business, and Batman.

Another promo for the movie is from January 20 through February 16, head over to your local LEGO Store and build something to display and you can get a free The LEGO Movie Accessory Pack.

LEGO January 2014 Calendar


LEGO CUUSOO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Revealed

LEGO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21004)

LEGO has just revealed the final design and box art of the newest LEGO CUUSOO set, the NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21004). The set contains 295 pieces and will be available for sale on January 1st on [email protected] for $29.99.

This LEGO version of the highly advanced mobile laboratory features lots of great details, such as 6-wheel rocker-bogie suspension, articulated robotic arm and multiple camera sets, plus a display plate complete with LEGO brick Martian rocks – perfect for testing out the rover’s go-anywhere suspension! Similar to other LEGO CUUSOO sets, the building instruction booklet also includes background information about the fan builder, the history of Mars exploration, and the real Curiosity Rover.

The creator of the LEGO CUUSOO project and the Mechanical Engineer who worked on the real Curiosity Rover, Stephen Pakbaz, has done a review of the set on the CUUSOO Blog.

LEGO CUUSOO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21004)

LEGO CUUSOO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21004)

LEGO CUUSOO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21004)


LEGO CUUSOO Updated Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service

Today, LEGO CUUSOO has posted a major update to most of their Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service. The goal of these changes is a quicker turnaround during the Review Stage and LEGO can produce the products faster. Before the changes, LEGO has been fairly lenient on what they accepted as a project for submission. That will all be changed starting today.

  • Brick-Based Construction Toy Projects Only – You will only be able to create projects that use standard LEGO parts.
  • One Project = One LEGO Set – No more series of projects. The exception is the LEGO Minecraft theme due to contractual agreement with MOJANG.
  • No Minifigure Series or “Battle Packs” – Pretty much what it says, no more minifigure projects. You will need an actual set to go with those minifigures.
  • Only Use Authentic LEGO Parts – No more non-LEGO brand parts aka Mega Bloks, K’Nex.
  • No Company Logos or Team Mascots – No more using other brand’s logos and/or mascots as the theme of your project.
  • Please Don’t Use Our Logos – Again, pretty much what it says. No more using the LEGO logo even on the mock-ups.

There are many projects at are currently supported that violate these new rules and restrictions. LEGO states that many of the existing projects that are violating the rules won’t be considered anymore. Many of these projects will be removed in the near future. Some projects that are able to be modified to conform with the new rules will be contacted and projects that have … Continue

LEGO CUUSOO Projects To Actual LEGO Products

If you’re new to LEGO CUUSOO and wondered how a particular project goes from the idea stage to an actual product, ReBrick has recently done an article with LEGO Group Head of Community Business/Busniess Manager Daiva Naldal to explain how the process goes. After a project gets 10,000 supporters, it heads to the LEGO Jury/Review Board which consists of people from different departments:

“It consists of different people who represent different departments within The LEGO Group, to make sure that we have a decent and proper evaluation of each idea. We have LEGO Designers and people from our main markets,- like Sales and Marketing people, who will then be responsible to validate the sales potential. We also have representatives from our Brand Management Team, securing that the projects fit our Brand guidelines. And we have a close relationship to License and Legal, as well as Product Development Teams. So we get insights from all teams in order to make the final decision.”

Daiva also explains that many projects aren’t selected to become actual products not because the designers don’t like it but the company has to look at different aspects to make a decision. One aspect is to get a licence from the original IP. You may have seen that there have been a lot of projects on CUUSOO that have reached the review stage that require a license to use the particular theme.

“Sometimes we cannot not secure the partnership, sometimes it clashes with our own development projects that are in the pipeline and sometimes

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