A few weeks ago, we reported that LEGO was testing a new service that allows you to design your own LEGO City set. A reader named Andreas was able to purchase one and he has sent over images of the unboxing experience.

As you can see from the images, the box shows the set you’ve created on the front along with your name on the bottom right corner. The back and side shows the vehicles, building, minifigure, and animals that you can choose from to add in your custom set.

The builds are separated into individual bags along with the building instructions. There’s also a sticker sheet which looks to have all of the stickers for all the different builds.

Overall, the line has extremely great potential and will be a great idea for gift giving. The recipient will most likely be overjoyed seeing their name on the box along with getting the builds. Obviously, LEGO has to update the builds to keep it fresh and would work good with their other themes as well however it probably won’t work with licensed ones. The pilot program is now over and LEGO is gathering details on how it will work in the future. Hopefully the feedback is good and will roll out worldwide.

Unfortunately, the pilot project has been completed and we are now in the process of analyzing the feedback we have received. At present, we are unfortunately unable to confirm the project’s future plans, and our primary focus is to test the concept and gather as much information as possible that can help us further develop the experience and understand its future possibilities.

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