Over on the LEGO Ambassador Network, there’s been a very interesting discussion about LEGO and the perception of the company being disconnected with the fans. There’s been many things that LEGO has done in recent years that makes fans not enjoy the company as they once did.

There have been many examples given so far such as the Black VIP card debacle and its “promotions.” The Black card was hard to get simply because you had to purchase the UCS Millennium Falcon in a certain time span but it was always out of stock so nobody could buy it. By the time that LEGO had enough stock to go around, the time to be able to get the card had already ended. As far as the promotions for the card are concerned, they’re pretty bad. From what I remember, there was a blueprint poster for the Y-Wing and black card frame.

Another thing are the various exclusives such as the convention ones as well as the recent Chinese New Year sets or even the “chase” minifigures which segregates who is able to acquire them by normal means. Even more recently, The LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz that were exclusive to Walmart and Target. Believe me, I’ve read all of your guys’ comments and I do understand how you feel.

For me personally, it was the change to the LEGO Store Calendars where they took off the promotions. I’m not sure why they did it because people like to plan their shopping. From what I heard, LEGO didn’t want their sales to be lumped into a certain time frame where the promotions ran and wanted more steady sales during the month. It’s understandable from the company’s point of view but for customers, it makes people unsure when is a good time to buy.

As for the LEGO Ambassadors, we have our own stuff to deal with but LEGO has posed a question to the community, what makes you feel the company is being disconnected with the fans? Where are you seeing this? How are you seeing this? What can be done? There are no wrong answers but we would like to send the comments and feedback to LEGO so they can learn how to improve. Let us know in the comments and I’ll send in a summary.

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