Earlier this month, Universal announced that The LEGO Group will be one of the licensing partners for the upcoming Jurassic World movie. As a result, LEGO has resolved their licensing conflicts with Jurassic Park/Jurassic World. Earlier this year, LEGO Ideas did the same with Doctor Who which resulted in an abundance of Doctor Who projects including two that achieved 10,000 supporters.

If you remember from last year, all the Jurassic Park related projects were removed including the one from Senteosan after only 6,495 supporters. This was because Hasbro/Kre-O signed on to produce construction sets for Jurassic World but that contract has since expired and The LEGO Group now owns the rights to produce the sets.

As of a few days ago, people are now allowed again to post Jurassic Park/World projects on LEGO Ideas but whether or not they are able to pass the review stage and become an official set remains to be seen.

**Via Brickset**

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