LEGO 2014 Holiday VIP Shopping Event

A day after the LEGO Store Exclusive 2014 Holiday VIP Shopping Event, I have some information that may help you become one of the VIP members who may be chosen to attend the event next year. The following information was what LEGO Store employees were allowed to give:

They were selected on the basis they were in the top 35 VIP members for their local store based on engagement and purchases since joining LEGO VIP.

From the looks of it, the surveys VIP members fill out on their receipts do count towards your “engagement” level and LEGO takes that into consideration how many you complete in addition to the amount you spend at the store. I overheard people talking and and found out that it was a coincidence that they were frequent survey takers as well. I try to fill mine out usually the same day or within a couple of days. If you forget to do it, LEGO usually sends an email reminder to the registered email address. If you’ve ever filled out a survey, it pretty much asks about your recent experience at the store and would you recommend it to other people.

I hope this helps clear up a little bit on what the “requirements” were to attend the event and maybe next year, you could be one of the chosen few.

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