LEGO 2016 Employee Exclusive 50 Years on Track (4002016) Revealed

LEGO 2016 Employee Exclusive 50 Years on Track (4002016)

Now that Christmas is over, I’ve been waiting a few weeks to post this set since images of it first showed up online but I didn’t want to spoil it for the LEGO employees who haven’t received theirs yet. The 2016 LEGO employee exclusive set is called 50 Years on Track (4002016) and it has a whopping 1,141 pieces. The set celebrates six decades of LEGO trains since it was first released in 1966 and it features six different types of trains through the years including:

Motorized Train Set – 1966
Western Train – 1976
Monorail Transport System – 1987
Metroliner – 1991
Emerald Night – 2009
Winter Holiday Train – 2016

Again, the only legit way to get the 50 Years on Track (4002016) set was to be a LEGO employee which also includes LEGO Brand Store associates but that doesn’t stop it from hitting the secondary market such as eBay where it is going for around $250. For those LEGO employees who kept theirs, congratulations as this is a great set especially for LEGO train fans.

LEGO 2016 Employee Exclusive 50 Years on Track (4002016)

  • Brian h

    wow, that’s indeed a very lovely gift

  • jermain burnett

    Now lego are celebrating the 50 year train tracks.

  • Lukas M

    Is it the SAME GUY (the fatherly guy on the rear side of the set) – as the guy on the 50th anniversary quite unsuccesful City Town Plan?? .. i just think its the same one!