LEGO 2016 Official Set Images (Partial)

I’m not sure how long these will stay up but Bothan spies (whung, CM4sci, J2G) over on Eurobricks has found a slew of LEGO 2016 set images found on LEGO’s servers already. Note that these images are official and do not have watermarks but LEGO can decide to remove them from the servers at any time. Some of the images are system sets while some are promotional or polybag sets. What sets are you looking forward to?

Update: LEGO has taken down all their links on their server but the good folks at Brickset had them backed up.

Update 2: LEGO has begun telling sites to remove the images so I’ve complied to their wish. If you’re looking for them, they’re still out there on the web. You just have to find them.

  • Andre

    Those are some funky little minifigure stands they’re using. Look like radar dish pieces

  • Dave Musgrave

    The Sandwich Shop looks great!

  • Evan

    Wow. So many must-haves.

  • Tim Tosino

    Wonder what that set is with the Yellow Bicycle and Water Fountain.

    • parsom

      Me too…

  • Al coholic

    Armoured Batman looks awesome
    loing that print on superman too

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  • Ken

    Spoiler for Captain movie lol.

    • Stark

      For the Captain America: Civil War? I don’t think so, this looks more to be one of the more comic-based sets. It looks like a Red Skull and a Hydra submarine, with Cap wearing flippers and Iron Man in the Mk 37 Hammerhead suit. Iron Man is definitely taking cues from the movie designs but it looks to me like Cap and Red Skull are comic.

      I did mistake Iron Man at first for Vision since this suit and Vision do seem to have that same green color.

      • James Boxell

        its the avengers assemble tv

    • It’s from the Avengers Assemble TV show, not Civil War..

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  • Nimmy Hartnell

    We want more Jurassic World Lego. The gates would be good and a few more types of dinosaur. 🙂 Oh and the mosasaurus arena!

    • Jeff

      Yes! Monorail set. A safari jeep and gallimimus. Jurassic World boardwalk, petting zoo set, and a set with an ankylosaurus.

  • jermain burnett

    that is great I see some the Lego set for 2016.

  • jermain burnett

    that so happy showing more of Lego Nexo Knights sets of 2016

  • jermain burnett

    wish I see the Lego sets of the 2016 2017,2018,2019,,2020.

  • Micah Cleary

    Don’t see anything from Force Awakens. When will we get wave 2?

    • Jeff

      3rd Star Wars picture from the bottom. The one that looks like a B-wing. I’m pretty sure that’s from Episode 7.

      • Onouris

        Except that I’m pretty sure the Mon Calamari figure in that set is a character that can be seen in the most recent Rebels Season 2 trailer from NYCC. Also, the vehicle design is pretty “retro” and more in the style of Rebels than anything revealed so far from Ep. 7.

        • Random Comments

          Looks like Leia and Ackbar to me. The guy in the Rebels trailer is distinctly short and plump, I imagine they would make at least some attempt to capture that in the mini fig.

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  • I’m trying to get them back up.

  • They’re fixed now.

  • Seamus

    The set with b-wing looking thing is a force awakens Micah Cleary

  • paul jenkinson

    need more simpsons stuff

    • Jeff

      krusty burger and at least two more minifigures series.

  • joe

    no pirates?

  • Carl Pearce

    More Jurassic World / Park needed and Scooby Doo. Nobody wants more bloody City fire and police, surely?

  • Hey! What about the Elves Allen?!

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  • The Brick Lot

    I have posted them on my website. 😀 http://www.thebricklot.com/blog

  • nicai05

    where can i find the images on the web?

  • Andy Wilson

    What happens if you refused to pull them/didnt pull them. I am not saying to not follow lego and its lead, but just curious of the repercussions.

    • They can request my hosting company to take the whole site down.

  • Lasha

    Where can I find Lego 2016 sets to order