It’s that time of the year were more details of 2016 set will be coming out. My trusty source has provided me with some more rumored LEGO sets coming throughout next year. There are no pictures but I do have some details for various themes. Let’s just start alphabetically by theme.

For the Architecture sets, we kinda knew about the city type ones but one that wasn’t touched on was one featuring Buckingham Palace from the United Kingdom. It’s made up of lots of tan pieces and also includes a mini double-decker bus.

There was also mentioning of one of the LEGO Ghostbusters sets from the reboot movie which I posted the announcement earlier today. All I have from Ghostbusters is a set number of 75828 with $79.99 NZD.

LEGO TECHNIC fans also get in on the fun with a Bucket Wheel Excavator (42055) that goes for $499 NZD. There’s also another TECHNIC set named “Ultimate Vehicle” which goes for $699 NZD. I’m not sure if that’s the final name of it or not but that’s what I was told.

Although I said I would go alphabetically with themes, I saved what could be an awesome set for last. Back in 2013, LEGO released the LEGO Creator Sydney Opera House (10234) which was based off of the famous building in Australia. Rumor has it that LEGO will be releasing another world building set with the Big Ben (10253) from London with the pricing at $499 NZD.

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