I’m finally done with San Diego Comic Con 2016 and I’ve had time to check my emails and I see quite a few of you have sent me some stuff regarding some rumored LEGO 2017 sets. Apparently, there are reports of an Italian catalog which shows some of the LEGO sets that might be coming out next year. Again, nothing is confirmed until LEGO officially announces them and anything can change between now and 2017 so these are strictly rumors in my book.

The new Power Rangers movie will be hitting the big screen next year and it appears that there will be sets based on it.

Furthermore, Cars 3 will be in theaters next year as well and it looks like there will be a few sets to go along with it.

Next are some sets based on the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales with sets ranging from 75990-75993. This marks the return of the POTC theme which has done fairly well in the past.

In the LEGO City theme, it looks like there’s something called LEGO Sports with a set called Football/Soccer Goalie Practice (61004).

The LEGO Collectible Minifigures will be returning again and this time, they will have purple packaging.

Finally, for The LEGO Batman Movie, it looks like we’re finally getting a bigfig version of Bane.

Update: It is confirmed that all the information above is false and none of the themes listed are true.

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