If you’re an AFOL, LEGO is doing a survey on what you are passionate about. The reason for it is to better understand the AFOL audience and what else they like. The survey is open to everyone and it takes about 15 minutes to complete. The feedback back they receive will help them understand how to engage with the community.

As an AFOL, we know you are passionate about building – but what else are you passionate about? Do current sets support your interest? How do you connect with the community? How engaged are you with the LEGO Group?

Our department is conducting a new survey on AFOL Passion. We want to answer these questions so we can better understand our AFOL audience and what they love the most. We have done similar surveys in the past but it’s time to update our information to stay up-to-date 🙂

The survey is anonymous and open to everyone, everywhere. We estimate it’ll take about 15 minutes to answer, and the feedback you give us will help us better understand how to engage with the AFOL community.

Please take the share and share it here. Right now we have no end date and will close the survey when our response rate reaches a set threshold.

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