LEGO Angry Birds Bad Piggies Preview Image

LEGO Angry Birds

Earlier today while I was at work, LEGO shared on their social media pages a preview of Bad Piggy for the upcoming LEGO Angry Birds theme which coincides with The Angry Birds Movie coming out in 2016. In the image, you can see one of the pigs as well as some of the birds including Red, Matilda, Stella, Bomb, and Chuck.

New York Comic Con 2015 is next week and LEGO does have a booth there. There’s no word on what they will be revealing there, if anything, but the LEGO Angry Birds is possible. If not, we’ll probably see images of the sets at upcoming toy fairs.

Check out the trailer for the movie below and let me know your thoughts on the theme. Thanks to everyone who messaged in about it. I did see it when LEGO posted it but wasn’t able to post about it.

  • Chris

    Looks way cool, I wonder if that egg piece will actually be made into a piece. Since NYCC is next week, does anyone think we will get some hint as to what the modular for 2016 will be?

    • Samuel Willmot

      That egg piece might be the only good new mold they make for the line…

  • Norse Highlander

    It will be interesting to watch them make 3-d sets out of a 2-D game

    • Actually, this will be based off the movie, not the game.

  • Samuel Willmot

    Looks like LEGO’s putting out worse than they’re usual bollocks! Good on them for trying :’) I’m not quite sure what LEGO has in mind here… oh hang on, profits! Seriously, this looks like a massive dip in quality. I’m quite peeved now.

    • I love lego

      You are aware they have to make it accurate to the movie right? Did you even watched the trailer that was posted on this page or look at the designs the birds and pigs have? If anything they did a good job of representing the characters in Lego form.

      • Samuel Willmot

        The fact that they are making a movie from Angry Birds is a disgusting thought in itself, and so is the way it’s being carried out by the looks of the trailer, which yes, I have watched. The movie is being made for profit, plain and simple, and so are the LEGO sets.

        • Ryan Meek

          What an outrage!!! How dare LEGO or SONY make movies and toys for the lone purpose of making a profit. They should only care about entertaining and educating all while taking a financial loss…SMH

        • I love lego

          Yeah, because as we all know the trailer ALWAYS does the film justice. There has NEVER once been a misleading trailer for a movie. There also has NEVER been a movie made soley for profit (which if it ends up good doesn’t matter), NEVER any ridiculous ideas movies, NEVER a time when that particular idea worked, and NEVER a time where LEGO made sets just for money.

          • Samuel Willmot

            I watched the Minions trailer and immediately knew it was going to be rubbish. It was. Tell me if you’ve ever heard of a movie based off of a video game getting a ‘fresh’ on iMDB.

          • I love lego

            First off, you never judge a film based on a trailer because sometimes the trailer may not do the film justice or it could be misleading. There have been films that had bad or misleading trailers and ended up being good films. Now, could this film be good? Yes. Could it be bad? Yes. We just don’t know yet. We should keep an open mind instead being closeminded and judge the entire film based soley on it’s trailer because like I said before sometimes the trailer can be misleading or it doesn’t do the film justice. Secondly, just because there has never been a good video game movie doesn’t mean there never will be a good video game movie. Anything is possible. Hopefully, in 2016 things will change.

          • Samuel Willmot

            The whole point of a trailer is that it should make the film look watchable and interesting. A misleading trailer is a huge mistake for a film to make and generally misleading trailers make the film look better than it is, and less the other way around. It is very difficult for video game movies to be good because frequently there is more passion for money than art put into them, and people compare them the video game that they enjoyed first. But we have digressed from the original argument; I feel that this discussion draws to a close. I am annoyed at LEGO for choosing to make Angry Birds sets based off an Angry Birds movie that I am equally annoyed at. You can choose to like them or dislike them, or wait to judge them more fairly; as for me, my decision is made. Hopefully the sets will have a few useful parts.

  • Tim Morrow

    The set image reminds me of mega blocks… what is going on with LEGO. XI