Earlier today, LEGO announced that they will be significantly expanding and upgrading their headquarters in Billund, Denmark. There will be a creation of the “Kornmarken Campus” which will connect the existing LEGO factory to a new building. Also a new office building will become an “Innovation Center” which will be used for product innovation and product technology development. Construction will begin in 2023 and will be completed in 2025. The expansion will take sustainability into consideration as the Kornmarken Campus will use low carbon steel and concrete while the office spaces will use timber.

The LEGO Group invests to create cutting-edge engineering and innovation workplaces in Danish Headquarters

Billund, February 10, 2022: Today, the LEGO Group announced that it will significantly expand and upgrade its global headquarters in Billund, Denmark towards 2025. Construction will begin in 2023.

The investments include the creation of “Kornmarken Campus”, which will connect the existing LEGO® factory with a new 46,000m2 building. Combined, this will become the 100,000m2 Kornmarken Campus on the outskirts of the town of Billund. Investments will also be made in the construction of a new office building in the centre of Billund which will become an “Innovation Campus” providing a dedicated space for product innovation and product technology development. The expansions come on top of the investment in the 54,000m2 LEGO Campus building, which will be inaugurated later this year.

Niels B. Christiansen, CEO of the LEGO Group said: “We have invested significantly in our Billund Headquarters in recent years to create a working environment which reflects our brand values and enable LEGO colleagues to be truly inspired and creative. With these further investments, we are upgrading the workplace for additional thousands of LEGO employees working at our Headquarters within product innovation and manufacturing. I am very pleased to continue our commitment to the development of the local community in Billund as well as creating great workplaces for all LEGO colleagues.”

New campus to build innovation capabilities

The Kornmarken Campus will house the 700 employees currently working at the LEGO factory and approximately 1,200 colleagues from Engineering & Quality and Engineering & Workplace departments, currently based at multiple locations across the town of Billund. It will also be the workplace for colleagues working to find and implement new sustainable materials.

Kornmarken Campus gathers all these colleagues in one location and will among other things feature office spaces, laboratories, test facilities, tool shops and new moulding areas.

Carsten Rasmussen, Chief Operations Officer said: “We are creating a state-of-the-art workplace that will further build our world class innovation capabilities within engineering, quality and manufacturing in the years to come. By bringing together people working across key functions, the new campus will become a vibrant and inspiring LEGO “home” for people collaborating to transform product ideas into LEGO play.”

Innovation Campus creates better space for product innovation

In the centre of Billund, the new office building will become a cutting-edge innovation workplace and create room for more colleagues within product innovation and product technology development in what will be called Innovation Campus. Construction of the new building will begin in 2023, with colleagues expected to move in at the end of 2025.

Julia Goldin, Chief Product & Marketing Officer: “The investments in the Innovation Campus will create a truly inspiring workspace for those working in product development and technology innovation and it represents a terrific opportunity for us as a company and an investment in our people and brand.“

The new building will create a link between the LEGO Campus building and other LEGO offices located in the centre of Billund housing Design and Marketing departments.

Focus on sustainability

The new building at Kornmarken Campus is being designed and constructed with a focus on reducing the environmental impact to a minimum.

Carsten Rasmussen: “We are dedicated to ensuring we leave a better world for future generations, and the ambition for the new Kornmarken Campus is to leave a minimal impact on the environment. Our goal is to have the new building certified as LEED Platinum, the highest possible environmental ranking within the most widely recognized green building rating system, making it a landmark for innovative, high performing and low-impact operations.”

Low carbon steel and concrete will be used for construction, and office spaces will use timber as the bearing construction material. The design will take into consideration environmentally friendly solutions such as rainwater management, intelligent interior lighting and protecting biodiversity in the landscape surrounding the building.

Carsten Rasmussen: “It is yet another important step on our journey to reduce our CO2 impact and become operationally carbon neutral.”


Timeline: Construction to begin in 2023, planned to be finalized in 2025.

Kornmarken Campus:

• Construction will be financed by LEGO System A/S.
• Will house approximately 1,900 colleagues.
• +100,000m2, covering the current LEGO factory and a new 46,000m2 building featuring:
• Offices
• Meeting rooms
• Canteen
• Tool shops
• Moulding
• Laboratories
• Test facilities

Innovation Campus:

• Dedicated space in the centre of Billund for product innovation and product technology development.
• Innovation Campus combines current offices with a new building offering a creative space for colleagues working within product innovation.
• KIRKBI A/S is responsible for the construction and financing of the new building.

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