LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

A few days ago, we reported that a Doctor Who project would indeed become a LEGO Ideas set and today LEGO has confirmed that rumor. The project by Andrew Clark, Doctor Who and Companions, will become LEGO Ideas set #12. It’s rumored that all 13 incarnations of the Doctor will be included in the set so I hope that’s true. For you Whovians, your request of an official LEGO set has been achieved. This also makes the second project from a TV show that will become a LEGO set with The Big Bang Theory being the first.

LEGO has also finished their review of the Second 2014 period and the WALL-E project by Angus MacLane will become the 11th set to be produced. Angus is an animator and director who actually worked on the film and he was done a great job creating the model. WALL-E was released in theaters back in 2008 and became a box office hit which earned it the Best Animated Feature Film at the 81st Academy Awards.

The design, pricing, and availability of both newly designated LEGO Ideas sets are still being work on and will be released later this year. Congratulations to both of the project creators. The third 2014 LEGO Review is already underway and we can expect the results late spring/early summer.

On a side note, I did see this news early this morning but I was not able to be at the computer. I appreciate everyone who emailed in about it.

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