LEGO VIP New 2019 Changes

With the announcement of some new changes coming to the LEGO VIP program starting in a few months, LEGO has also expanded on the VIP experience a bit more with the LEGO VIP Personalized Shopper Program. Essentially, this program allows shoppers to add items to their wishlist and LEGO will automatically purchase the set and ship it to you at a specified time of your choosing. This program is similar to some what some other companies do sort of like a subscription system.

At the start of the program, which should be starting this summer, there will be three plans to choose from, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each plan will be in a certain price range in which the sets chosen from your wishlist will be added to your cart and shipped out. You can check out the price ranges below.

In order for the LEGO VIP Personalized Shopper Program to work on your particular account, you’ll have to set up an automatic payment system. It will be set up to have a default credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay and payment will be deducted from that method. Also, a default shipping address is required.

Check out the press release that LEGO sent over.

More exciting changes are coming

We’ve recently introduced some upcoming changes to the LEGO VIP program to enhance your shopping experience and we are happy to announce another benefit for VIP members.

Thanks to feedback we’ve had from our awesome VIP customers, we’ve been working on some great ideas that will make your membership even better.

We’re making things better in how you shop

With the addition of the LEGO VIP Personalized Shopper Program, you can add products to your wishlist and at the time of your choosing, you can have us purchase and ship it to you without you doing anything! Only products that are in your wishlist will be purchased and shipped out. Only products that are in-stock will qualify. Products that are on backorder can be used as well but will only ship when they are available in the warehouse. You will not be able to add Out of stock or Retired products to the wishlist.

Of course, you can also make purchases manually by adding them to the cart directly and going through the checkout process.

Price ranges for the tiered plans

Starting this summer, we are starting with some tiered price ranged which go from Bronze to Gold. We’ll be testing and taking some feedback on how the tiers are working. We may expand to more tiers in the future.

Bronze – $0.01-$49.99
Silver – $50.00-$99.99
Gold – $100.00+

When it’s all happening

We’re working hard on the updates and you’ll see it on Shop@Home starting this summer.

Do I need to do anything?

For the time being, we suggest you make sure that your VIP account is registered. This means that your VIP Account is linked to an online LEGO Account.

You can check whether you’re registered already by logging in with your LEGO Account on, as all your VIP info will appear right there.

We’ll also be making sure that each VIP account has a unique email address. Accounts that use the same email address will be merged together and accounts with more than one email address will be split into separate accounts.

If you haven’t done so, add some products to your wishlist you want to use for the LEGO VIP Personalized Shopper Program. Only the items in the wishlist will ship automatically to the desired address. Make sure to keep your address updated as we can not redirect shipments after they have left the warehouse.

Finally, please set your default payment option as we will be charging you using whichever method you choose. Payment will not be charged until we are ready to ship out.

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