LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Box Art

Xbox Achievements has listed the achievements that you can get in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. There are 40 achievements to get with a total of 1000 points. The PlayStation version of the game will have trophies broken down by rarity instead of points earned.

Once LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is out, we’ll be doing a full review of the game as well as an achievement/trophy guide so stay tuned for that.

Pursuers in the Sewers – Complete Level 1 – Pursuers in the Sewers – 20G

Breaking BATS! – Complete Level 2 – Breaking BATS! – 20G

Space suits you, Sir! – Complete Level 3 – Space suits you, Sir! – 20G

Space Station Infestation – Complete Level 4 – Space Station Infestation – 20G

The Big Grapple – Complete Level 5 – The Big Grapple – 20G

The Lantern Menace – Complete Level 6 – The Lantern Menace – 20G

Europe Against It – Complete Level 7 – Europe Against It – 20G

Big Trouble in Little Gotham – Complete Level 8 – Big Trouble in Little Gotham – 20G

Power of Love – Complete Level 9 – Power of Love – 20G

A Blue Hope – Complete Level 10 – A Blue Hope – 20G

Jailhouse Nok – Complete Level 11 – Jailhouse Nok – 20G

All the Rage – Complete Level 12 – All the Rage – 20G

Need for Greed – Complete Level 13 – Need for Greed – 20G

Aw-Qward Situation – Complete Level 14 – Aw-Qward Situation – 20G

Breaking the Ice – Complete Level 15 – Breaking the Ice – 20G

Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel! – Complete Bonus Level – Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel! – 50G

Bat’s all, folks – Witness the 100% LEGO Stud Fountain – 70G

True Hero – Attain ”True Hero” status in any level – 20G

An Unearthly Likeness – Play as Batman (Zur-En-Arrh) – 20G

Bane and Gain – Transform Bane into Bane (Venom-Powered) – 20G

Beings from the 5th Dimension – Set both Free Play characters as Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk – 20G

Doughnut Discoverer – Find and destroy a hidden doughnut on a hub planet – 20G

Everyone Loves Bouncing – Jump on bouncy objects 50 times – 20G

Glide on Time – Glide continuously for 10 seconds – 30G

Hard Traveling Heroes – Set both Free Play characters as Green Arrow and Green Lantern – 20G

Hey Diddle Diddle – Find a gang of jumping cows on the Moon – 30G

Intruder alert! Intruder alert! – Play as The Riddler in the Batcave Trophy Room – 20G

Loontern’s Space Race – Complete any hub race as Green Loontern – 20G

Mirror… MIRROR! – Create a custom character – 30G

Nok Nok! – Knock out your buddy on the planet Nok – 20G

New Queens of Crime – Set both Free Play characters as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn – 20G

Now THAT’S impressive! – find and destroy a hidden Riddler Trophy – 20G

One Giant Leap for (Bat)Man-kind – Visit all of the HUB Lantern Planets – 50G

One Small Step for (Bat)Man… – Visit the Moon Base in the Hub – 20G

SHAZAM! – Transform from Billy Batson into Shazam! – 20G

Super Buddies – Set both Free Play characters as Booster Gold and Blue Beetle – 20G

Super Pets – Set both Free Play characters as Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto – 20G

The Bright Knight – Play as Adam West – 40G

The Green Room – Find the hidden celebrity party – 30G

Under the Red Brick – Turn on all Red Brick Extras at the same time – 50G

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