LEGO has finally revealed what their big announcement was and it is indeed LEGO BIONICLE will be back in 2015. They’ve posted a video of the Mask of Creation which we already reported on last week so it wasn’t really a big secret considering LEGO accidentally spoiled it earlier this week.

LEGO BIONICLE makes their triumphant return after it was originally discountinued back in 2010 and being replaced by LEGO Hero Factory. BIONICLE was a very popular theme and was one of the themes that brought LEGO back from near bankruptcy (Brick by Brick: How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry).

There’s no doubt that many fans are happy are that this theme is returning next year. BZPower is also reporting that LEGO will be revealing the information about the sets at New York Comic Con on October 9th as well as on social media so stay tuned for that. We already know the set names so they’ll probably reveal some of them at NYCC.

Protector of Jungle (70778)
Protector of Stone (70779)
Protector of Water (70780)
Protector of Land (70781)
Protector of Ice (70782)
Protector of Fire (70783)
Lewa Master of Jungle (70784)
Pohatu Master of Stone (70785)
Gali Master of Water (70786)
Tahu Master of Fire (70787)
Kopaka Master of Ice (70788)
Onua Master of Earth (70789)
Lord of Skull Spiders (70790)

What are your guys’ thoughts on LEGO BIONICLE returning in 2015?


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