LEGO BrickHeadz New York Comic Con 2017 Exclusive Set

LEGO BrickHeadz NYCC 2017 (41498)

New York Comic Con 2017 starts next week and they have revealed there will be a LEGO BrickHeadz exclusive that will be available for purchase at the convention. This mystery BrickHeadz set (41498) has 329 pieces and will retail for $40. The pre-show lottery has already been held and they are already sending out emails to attendees. Like with all convention exclusives, there will be a limited number of sets that will be available. What do you think this NYCC 2017 LEGO BrickHeadz exclusive will be?

Thanks to Jeff for the heads up.

  • stphn

    Lottery is over already. And it was leaked that Boba Fett would be one of the BrickHeadz.

    • Jeremy Kaufer

      Only those who entered the lottery will be able to purchase this set?

  • Guyon van Oers

    It was leaked that one of them is Boba Fett

  • legobrick223

    I won one of them during the pre-show lotteries 🙂
    I’m so excited, I’ll post pics when I get it!

  • Erik Pfingsten

    They’re numbered 27 and 28. I wonder what 19-26 are, since they currently go up to 18 (Master Wu)

    • Efraim Aspie

      There are a number of sets announced for early 2018. Only set numbers, no names yet

  • The Anonymous Hutt

    I’m guessing one of them is old Luke. But if one is Boba Fett, than maybe it is Han Solo.

  • colby ostrin

    It has to be Han Solo and Boba Fett, because a picture of Boba is leaked.

    I’m excited To see that there will be Star Wars Brickheadz!

    • Gomek

      Just Curious, why would you be excited by Lego putting something out that you want, when they’ve made it clear you can’t have it?

  • Gomek

    Boba Fett and Han in Carbonite. Last time I gave my condolences for brick headz fans getting screwed, and then they turned around and screwed minifigure collectors shortly after. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for the next week.