LEGO House Tour from Beyond the Brick

LEGO House

After four long years of planning and construction, the LEGO House has officially opened in Billund but last week over 600 AFOLs had a chance to visit before the ceremonial opening yesterday. One of these AFOLs who was able to attend was Joshua Hanlon from Beyond the Brick and they have released a new video giving us a thorough tour of what to expect at the LEGO House. If you aren’t going to Denmark anytime soon, this video is a great way to check out LEGO’s newest attraction without leaving your home.

  • Guyon van Oers

    I’m just worried they will let too many people in at the same time so it would be super crowded

    • Reaven Veaceslav

      I’m just worried about how long it will be before I have the time and money to take a trip to Denmark in the first place.

  • Huybrechts Anita


  • jermain burnett


  • jermain burnett

    Nice build of lego T’raxs