The Coronavirus pandemic has been causing a lot of short time issues around the world and the latest one is with LEGO Bricks & Pieces. A few days ago Danish authorities announced the closure of Denmark and that pretty much affected most of LEGO’s operations. With Bricks & Pieces, it affects the number of people who are picking the parts for the orders. To keep the workers safe, LEGO has decided to shut it down temporarily but everything else on LEGO Shop@Home is still normal. There’s no word on when it will be back up but I assume it’ll just go back up without any announcements so keep checking on it.

Due to COVID-19 we’ve had to introduce special measures at all our sites to reduce the risk of infection, including reducing the number of people who can work together at any one time to pick bricks for Bricks & Pieces. Buying bricks therefore isn’t available at the moment. This only applies to Bricks & Pieces – everything else is business as usual. We’ll have the service back up and running as soon as possible.

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