LEGO Building Bigger Thinking 2018 Official Set Images

LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Mission to Mars (10405)

Back in August, I talked about some LEGO 60th anniversary sets and it looks like we get to see the official images of the sets with the theme called Building Bigger Thinking. As mentioned before, there will be five sets and they have builds that pay homage to a classic LEGO theme such as Space, Castle, Pirates, and Town which you can see from the images. You’ll also notice that they also include a 60 year printed 2×4 tile to signify the 60th anniversary of the brick.

Rainbow Fun (10401)

LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Rainbow Fun (10401)

Fun Future (10402)

LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Fun Future (10402)

World Fun (10403)

LEGO Building Bigger Thinking World Fun (10403)

Ocean’s Bottom (10404)

LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Ocean's Bottom (10404)

Mission to Mars (10405)

LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Mission to Mars (10405)

**Via Kokashop.hu from Brickset**

  • Michael

    LOVVVEEE them! Gosh Ill be broke next year with all these new LEGO sets coming XD

  • Celloguy

    Very disappointing that this is the way they choose to commemorate their own history. The fact that the fans so instinctively latched on to an homage series shows how much stronger an idea that would have been. The references to old lines is very weak here.

  • Rick Sanchez

    the previously stated line about how these sets were going to, “pay homage to classic themes” got me really excited for what they might do in 2018 for the anniversary…
    I could not be more disappointed with these sets.
    this makes me worry that the 60th anniversary is going to be a waste if this is the best they can do.