LEGO Castle Fantasy Era Sets Coming Back in 2016?

In 2013, LEGO brought back the LEGO Castle them and to say the least, it was a pretty underwhelming theme in my opinion. It was a one-off wave which featured the blue Lion Knights fighting against the red Dragon Knights and it combined things from the Kingdoms and the 2007 Castle subthemes. The sets came out in the Spring of 2013 and there were no subsequent waves in 2014 and won’t be any in the first half of 2015.

However, there’s a rumor on Eurobricks that LEGO might be bringing the LEGO Castle theme back in 2016. According to BrickJagger, there was a memo sent out to a LEGO Store manager and it said that a new Castle theme would be coming out late 2015/mid 2016. This new wave was said to be “a lot like the Castle theme from a few years ago, the one with the Dwarves and Trolls.” The sets that is being referred to is the 2007 Castle subtheme which was known as the Fantasy Era. These sets were pretty popular among fans and they had an assortment of different minifigures that were included such as the ones mentioned. Given that the most recent Castle sets have been retired and the Hobbit sets are pretty much done, a new fantasy theme would be a good addition and provides some variety in the different LEGO themes.

This piece of news is pretty interesting but it could also be completely false so take it with a grain of salt. I’ll keep following up on this and do further posts if I see anything more about it. What are your thoughts on the return of the Fantasy Era Castle subtheme?

  • legoboyman

    Ugh I really wish lego would stop rehashing the castle, It’s starting to get stale. They should make a adventurers reboot/make.

    • legoboyman

      *the castle theme

    • The Castle theme is an evergreen theme so they bring them back every couple of years.

      • legoboyman

        I know but it’s gets old when they make the same sets each time they bring it back, as it takes away the appeal. They need to make something fresh out of it at least (Forrestmen, elves, black knights etc).

  • Daniel Grant

    I’m with you on the current Castles theme. The new Pirate line seems almost seems to echo that “Back to Basics (but boring) approach. The Medieval Market Village looked great, though my resurgence in Lego collecting began after that had been retired. It’s all I can do to keep up with DC Comics / Modular sets at the moment, at least financially.

    I wish they’re bring back the Forestmen! Moreso for nostalgic value than anything else.

    Also…lastly. Love you site. I don’t think the “comments” functionality is working in Firefox for some reason… just thought I’d make you aware if you weren’t already.

    • I’ve been working on a fix for Firefox. Must be an issue with the plugin or something.

      • Daniel Grant

        Cool! It works now… thanks!

  • Ramone

    I’ll echo the “bring back the Forestmen” sentiment. Black Falcon’s castle would be cool too. Might be better to start off small and expand from there.
    Otherwise, there’s a really crappy D&D Kreo line they should take over. I’d love to see some old fashioned beasties from the Monster Manual. Maybe even reinvent the old D&D toy line from the 80s with Lego bricks!

  • Alec Reade

    I would hope they will use some different knight factions. We don’t need them rehashing the usual Lion, Crown and Dragon factions.
    Black Falcons and Forestmen would be great but they really need to introduce some variety.

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  • Izendel

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  • Greg Sanders

    A fantasy theme would be glorious. I loved the Market Village, and the few Castle sets I’ve picked up since, but I would adore a fantasy theme unhinged by the rules of a license.

  • Dave

    They keep making similar castle sets for the same reason they keep making similar police/fire sets – the little kids who weren’t playing with LEGO a few years ago will have a chance to buy a must-have set before they grow up. Not every theme is intended for us adult fans.

    • Bricks, Studs, And More

      I agree whole-heartedly on that. We may not be satisfied with ”rehashing” themes and figures, but the sets are not fully targeted at us, but for the children, to let them experience the same thrill we had when we were younger, to build the sets and let our imagination literally expand outside the box. Of course the LEGO Group thinks about their older fanbase, and bringing back themes like castle and pirates is a bit of a nod to us. We shouldn’t criticize the LEGO group for not fully listening to us, but they try their best to make all their loyal fans, both young and old, feel inspired and motivated to build and connect. That is what Ole Kirk Christiansen would have wanted.

  • Elizabeth Crosman

    I have some castle sets from the 1990s (Black knight, I think?) The bricks were mostly black. They had fewer big pieces so it was a challenge to build. I would love to see more advanced builder castles return!

  • LeGo CaStLe

    so there will be no more lion knights and dragon knights

    • Mjmcastlelego

      Need to bring back the wolf pack only had 3 sets ever

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