LEGO City Go-Kart Racer (30314) Showing Up at Target Stores

LEGO City Go-Kart Racer (30314)

The Brickset Forums is reporting that the LEGO City Go-Kart Racer (30314) polybag have started to show up at Target stores. They can be found at the checkout aisles for $4.59 each. If you’ve been searching for the Go-Kart, now may be the time to check out your stores. If you do find it, let us know the DPCI number and we can let other readers know if they have shown up at their Target stores using this handy tool.

On another note, I’ve heard/seen various reports that the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Electro (5002125) polybag will be a Toys R Us promotion pretty soon so stay tuned for that.

Update: The DPCI number for the Go-Kart Racer is 204-00-0291. You can use the BrickPicker Target Inventory Status Tracker to check if there are some near you or not. Thanks to the commenter for the number.

LEGO City Go-Kart Racer (30314)