LEGO City: Undercover Coming to PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, PC in 2017

LEGO City: Undercover

WB Games has announced that LEGO City: Undercover will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC/Steam in Spring 2017. If you remember, LEGO City: Undercover lets you take control of Chase McCain in sort of a toned down Grand Theft Auto-style game that was released for the Nintendo Wii U back in 2013.

If you’re a LEGO City collector, there was a Chase McCain Minifigure Polybag (5000281) that was released with pre-orders of the game and he was eventually released in the High Speed Chase (60007) and will be coming back again in 2017 with the High-Speed Chase (60138).

LEGO City High-Speed Chase (60138)


  • The Anonymous Hutt


    Wait, does this mean the game will be changed to cope with the Xbox One and Ps4 consoles that don’t have a game pad? What about the Nintendo references? Will they remain in the game?

  • Gomek

    Would have gotten an x-box 360 version, but It will be something to look forward to when/if I get one of the new gen consoles. By that time I imagine it will be a nice used version.

  • Purple Dave

    Chase from the retail set was actually different from polybag Chase. While the former was made of better plastic (coming from Europe) and had dark-blue legs with a very cop-specific print, Target’s Chinese exclusive version had the badge emblem printed on his left shoulder and black legs with a generic jeans print. Both previous versions also have a medium-blue shirt under a tactical vest. This new Chase is all dark-blue with a new torso print. I can’t tell if it’s another tactical vest, but I suspect it is. The badge is on the opposite side of his chest. Given the release timing, I strongly suspect this is more what we can expect of the inevitable DImensions Chase McCain minifig (don’t forget that he’s the most likely character for that property!).

    Interestingly, the polybag photo shows reddish-brown hair, while every actual minifig has come with dark-tan.

    • Gomek

      Funny, your comment just got me wondering if we’ll ever see a Clutch Powers Lego dimensions figure. That would be pretty cool.

      • Purple Dave

        I doubt it. Clutch has pretty much been replaced by Emmet and Chase, and he actually uses a licensed print that makes producing physical minifigs tricky. It’s possible to fake one from scratch, though. Indiana Jones torso (that’s the problem part), either plain blue legs (color accurate) or the polybag Chase’ legs (closest match to the print), hair from TBBT’s Raj, Ultra Agents’ Jack Fury, or Disney Princess’ Eric (Little Mermaid), and you’ll just have to pick your favorite head.

  • jermain burnett

    The new lego city undercover is coming soon in 2017 is available for Playstation four and Xbox one and Nintendo switch is a nice video games system for 2017.

  • The_Dark_Ace

    The lego dimensions version will be using this particular tactical vest however the undershirt will be a light medium blue much like the other police minifigures in set 60138 and upcoming lego city police sets for 2017.