A few months ago, a source told me that the next series of LEGO Collectible Minifigures will be changing and there’s some more fire to that rumor. Starting in Jaunary with Series 21 (71029), the number of minifigures included in the set is rumored to be dropping down to only 12 and it looks like StoneWars has also gotten wind of it as well. I’m not sure why the decrease of minifigs for the set but they’ll be somewhat easier to collect.

StoneWars also is reporting that LEGO will be offering full boxes of 36 minifigures as well as 72 minifigures. If you notice the numbers, these new boxes will hold three and six complete sets, respectively. The pricing will stay the same at $4.99 each.

What do you guys think of this change? Is it better that we’re getting less minifigures and not paying as much to get a complete set? As always, these are purely rumors until LEGO announces them or images show up at an online shop.

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