LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 14: Monsters (71010)

In a few weeks, the new Series 14 LEGO Collectible Minifigures: Monsters (71010) will be hitting store shelves pretty soon. The legendary WhiteFang has already done his review over on Eurobricks. To prepare for the release of this set, below is a “feel guide” on how to correctly get the minifigures you are looking for. Note that the dot method on the package isn’t accurate anymore and shouldn’t be relied on.

As mentioned in WhiteFang’s review, there are three complete sets in an unopened box. Below are a distribution you should expect to find in a complete box:

3 per box

Wolf Guy
Wacky Witch
Zombie Cheerleader
Tiger Woman
Zombie Businessman
Spider Lady

4 per box

Plant Monster
Fly Monster
Skeleton Guy
Square Foot

5 per box

Zombie Pirate
Mad Scientist
Monster Rocker

1. Wolf Guy

The long bone piece should be the easiest thing to feel for.

2. Zombie Pirate

There are several things that make him stand out. His sword is the obvious choice while the pirate hat and peg leg are also helpful

3. Monster Scientist

The easiest thing to feel for is the flask accessory piece. His long headpiece could also be useful.

4. Wacky Witch

The Wacky Witch has a couple of easy things to look for when searching for her including the cat, broom, and hat piece.

5. Plant Monster

The large plant head piece is a dead giveaway since it is such a unique piece to Series 14.

6. Fly Monster

The Fly Monster can be found by feeling for the head with antennas, the wing piece, or the pincer on one of the hands.

7. Spectre

Be careful when you’re searching for the Spectre because the Banshee also has the same leg piece. To differentiate them, the Spectre has the hood piece and the chains.

8. Zombie Cheerleader

The Zombie Cheerleader is fairly easy to feel for with her pigtail hair piece and the two pom poms.

9. Tiger Woman

Her whip is the thing you should be feeling for. Be careful of the tail piece because it’s similar to the one Wolf Guy has and can be easily mistaken for it.

10. Gargoyle

The large wing piece and short legs are easy indicators that you’ve found the Gargoyle.

11. Skeleton Guy

The Skeleton Guy doesn’t have many things that make him stand out but the roundness of the pumpkin is helpful.

12. Monster Rocker

The guitar is pretty much the only thing you should feel for.

13. Zombie Businessman

You should feel for the 2×2 tile piece because he’s the only one who has this particular piece in this series.

14. Banshee

Feel for the leg piece then confirm with the hair piece.

15. Square Foot

The bulky head piece and the camera are the things you should be feeling for.

16. Spider Lady

The large dress piece is the only thing you should need to find the Spider Lady since she’s the only minifigure to have this piece.

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