It may not seem like that long ago but the term “World Wide Web” was coined less than 30 years ago. Today is’s 20th Anniversary on the internet and they have posted a page showing some of the different iterations of the site. The simplicity of the site in 1996 is just pure nostalgia as I remember seeing other websites looking similar when I first got online in school. Ah, who remembers using good ol’ Netscape as your browser back then and that dial-up modem sound. If you want to actually use the older versions of LEGO’s site, head on over to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and you can still browse around.

At the bottom of the page, there’s a matching game and if you match up five things, you get to download wallpapers from various classic themes like Town, Western, Technic, Trains, Time Cruisers, Pirates, Aquazone, Space, Castle, and a MOC using classic parts. If you know a browser trick, you don’t actually have to play the game and directly download the images but where’s the fun in that?

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