LEGO Creator Fairground Carousel (10256) Rumored for June Release

In the last few years except for 2016, LEGO has released some LEGO Creator D2C Fairground sets. There’s a rumor of a Fairground Carousel (10256) that has been floating the LEGO community for a few months now and it looks like it will be coming on June 1 according to Tragic Banjo over on Eurobricks. LEGO might have been dropping hints since March when the LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144) was revealed. If you checked out the designer video, you can see Jamie Berard doing circling motions which could suggest a carousel spinning.

If this is true, it will join the Fairground Mixer (10244) and the Ferris Wheel (10247) as the sets in this LEGO Creator Fairground subtheme and will be the second large scale carousel that will be released with the first one being the Grand Carousel (10196) from 2009. Jamie Berard was the designer for both of the recent fairground sets. There’s no word on pricing or piece count at this time. I’m going to assume that the official reveal will be sometime in May with early VIP access as well.

Thanks to CM4Sci for the heads up.

**Image above is the Grand Carousel (10196)**

  • TypoCorrecto

    My wallet will be on life support by Summer.

  • Purple Dave

    Yeah, yeah. Quick question. Will this one work? Also, will it still work tomorrow?

  • jermain burnett

    The Lego Creator Grand Carousel of (10196) set is newer version of 2017 you guys?

  • BrickByBrick

    They should make it the Disney world carousel instead of rereleasing the old one so it can go with either a fairgrounds or with the Disney Castle

    • myscrnnm

      I don’t think it would be a rerelease. The old one is simply shown for illustrative purposes.

    • Purple Dave

      The last line in the article states that the picture is the old Grand Carousel. No images for the new set are available right now, so it was either that or skip the image altogether. The image probably draws in people who would be great interested in another carousel set, so about the only better choice he could have made was plaster a note across the image to make it more obvious that this isn’t a picture of the upcoming set. But the wrong image is still going to draw more attention than no image at all.

  • TypoCorrecto

    “June 1st is indeed the release date. No VIP early access as far as I know, and I also don’t know when it will be officially announced. I’m assuming it’ll be soon, since it’s likely to be pictured on the June calendar.”

    -Tragic Banjo

  • Tereglith

    I thought the Saturn V was supposed to come out June 1st? Surely they wouldn’t spring two large D2Cs on us in one day.

    • The Saturn V is not a D2C set. It’s just a regular LEGO Ideas set.

      • Purple Dave

        I believe any set sold under the Cuusoo banner was, at least initially, limited to LEGO Brand Retail, but yeah, I’ve seen every set released under the Ideas banner at TRU _except_ the Research Institute, and many of them I’ve seen on shelves before their official release date. They never made a big fuss about it, but they clearly cut the Ideas program free of any D2C restriction that the Cuusoo program may have been subject to.

        For those who might not be aware, D2C sets are mostly only sold under a 10xxx set number within the modern 5-digit set numbering system. A few exceptions exist here and there, such as SW UCS sets (75xxx series from based on the latest [email protected] catalog) and other regular licensed sets (Ghostbusters Firehouse is also 75xxx series and is one digit off of the Ghostbombers car), but all of the Modulars and the Creator cars are 10xxx. All of the Cuusoo sets and the first three Ideas sets are mostly sequential 211xx series, and all of the remaining Ideas sets are fully sequential 213xx series.

  • chuckschwa

    This is good news. I missed out on the first carousel, now I can add this one to my Ferris Wheel and Mixer!

    Fingers crossed they do a working, customizable roller coaster next year!

  • NRD1138

    Glad I sold my sealed box 10196 last year. Never mind the making of a new one being possible,or the mechanical issues. It was just too big at a 48×48 ‘footprint’ Hopefully the next is on a 32×32 and functions better than the last.