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LEGO Fiat Prints Available in VIP Reward Center

If you’re a Fiat enthusiast, LEGO has released some new Fiat prints that you are able to get on the Reward Center. Each print costs 2,800 VIP points and they are designed to support the launch of the Fiat 500 (10271). Each print is limited and individually numbered and there are 7 to choose from. The promotional code for the prints are valid for 60 days and can be entered during checkout.


LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260) Back on Backorder Status

LEGO is now accepting backorders for the LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260) and you can now place orders for it again. It has been listed as temporarily out of stock for a good while but it is stated that the set will ship in 60 days. This is one of the sets that I reported will be retiring at the end of the year. Hopefully LEGO will produce enough to go around before it goes away. You can also use the check store stock to see if there are any available near you.


LEGO Crocodile Locomotive (10277) Available on Amazon

If you’ve been wanting to get the LEGO Crocodile Locomotive (10277), Amazon currently has it in stock at the normal retail price of $99.99. The set has been out of stock since its release and there’s no word on when it will be back. The only things you’ll be missing out on are the VIP points and the GWP set that is going on right now but at least you’ll be able to grab this hot commodity. As of this writing, it shows only 19 left in stock but I’m guessing they will have random small restocks.


LEGO Crocodile Locomotive (10277) Designer Video

The LEGO Crocodile Locomotive (10277) has been out for a few days now and LEGO has since released the designer video for the set. LEGO designer Pierre Normandin talks about some of the details of the train which is based on the Swiss Federal Railways train.

Currently the Crocodile Locomotive is temporarily out of stock and we’re not sure when it will be coming back due to the factory that supplies to North America is still shut down. Stock is split between regions to help make up for it.


LEGO Creator Bookshop (10270) Accepting Orders on Shop@Home

The LEGO Creator Bookshop (10270) is now live again on Shop@Home and you can put in your orders for it. The only bad thing is that it is already on backorder status and it will ship in 60 days. The Bookshop has been out of stock since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdowns a few months ago. I’m not sure how long this will last but get it while you can if you’ve been wanting to get it. Thanks to Brian for the heads up.


LEGO Crocodile Locomotive (10277) Officially Announced

LEGO has officially announced the next 18+ set with the Crocodile Locomotive (10277). The set has 1,271 pieces and it will retail for $99.99. Although there’s no press release for the set, we do know that it will be available on LEGO Shop@Home starting on July 1. Train enthusiasts will be interested in this set due to the fact that it is the first crocodile design train LEGO has done since 1991 with 4551. It does allow the use of a Technic Large Motor, sold separately, and you will be able to control it using the Powered Up! app. Check out high quality images of the set below.


LEGO Hot Rod (40409) Promotional Set Review

LEGO Hot Rod (40409)

The current promotion going on at LEGO Shop@Home is for the LEGO Hot Rod (40409) which you can get for free with purchases of $85 until June 21 or while supplies last. The set has 142 pieces and it pays homage to some older sets including the LEGO Model Team Blue Fury (5541) from 1995 and the remake from 2004.

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