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LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand Polybag (40078) Review


Back in July, LEGO had a promotion for a free exclusive polybag when you spend $75 or more at LEGO stores and on [email protected], the LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078). This set contains 39 pieces and includes two minifigures, a bicycle, and the hot dog stand.

LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078) LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078)


Like mentioned before, there are two minifigures in the polybag: the hot dog chef and the girl customer. The chef wears a white chef jacket with a red scarf on the torso. He wears solid red pants for the legs. He has a double-sided head with a smirky smile on one side and a frightened look on the other. The latter expression is probably used when he has burned the hot dogs. For both faces, he has bushy brown hair and a brown soul patch.

LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078) LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078) LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078)

The girl customer wears a blue shirt with a shell necklace for the torso and solid grey pants. She has a single-sided head with a red lipstick smile. She has long brown hair that is braided into a ponytail.

LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078) LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078)


There are two builds in the polybag: a bicycle and the hot dog stand. The only part of the “build” for the bicycle is that you have to attach the wheels to it. The nice thing about the bike is that it is in a teal color which is pretty rare. It is able stand up on its own because the kickstand is down.

LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078)

The hot dog stand is a really simple build that adds more variety to your City or Town sets. In front of the stand is what looks to be a hot dog logo. That area opens up for storage for uncooked hot dogs. In the middle of the stand is a grill with a hood. There are also red and yellow cone pieces to represent ketchup and mustard. Towards the back is an orange umbrella and handles to push the cart but the downside of the handles is that it’s a bit too high for the chef to grab them realistically.

LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078) LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078) LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078)


Overall, it was a neat little set to get as a free gift although spending $75 to get it was a little bit too much. Collectors would love to have one of these polybags in their collection and right now the only way to get it is on the secondary market. Again, it makes a great addition to any Ci layouts.

LEGO Creator Hot Dog Stand (40078)

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