LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260)

A few weeks ago, I posed a question for the readers to rank their favorite LEGO Creator modular buildings from all the ones that have been released so far to the upcoming Downtown Diner (10260). We’ve had over 1,800 responses to the survey and here are the results of what you guys feel is your favorite modular.

1. Parisian Restaurant – 13.67%
2. Assembly Square – 11.74%
3. Detective’s Office – 11.52%
4. Green Grocer – 10.84%
5. Fire Brigade – 9.63%
6. Palace Cinema – 8.41%
7. Downtown Diner – 7.22%
8. Town Hall – 6.46%
9. Cafe Corner – 5.82%
10. Pet Shop – 5.58%
11. Grand Emporium – 3.91%
12. Brick Bank – 3.17%
13. Market Street – 2.03%

The results are very interesting because the Downtown Diner is in the middle of the pack even though it hasn’t been released yet but people like it enough based on the images. It’s also somewhat not surprising that Market Street is last due it it not being that popular even though it was one of the very first modulars released.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Can you give a reason of how you ranked the modulars? Let us know in the comments below. Hopefully we can do more of these ranking posts in the future.

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