LEGO Custom Solar Suit Superman

Recently, we received a package from Marc Bui, aka Power Brick, of a custom LEGO minifigure that he has created. The minifig is of Superman in his black Recovery Suit and if you saw our report from NYCC today on the new playable characters for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, you’ll notice the minifigure is based on the Solar Suit Superman. If you’re not familiar with this version of Superman, it was seen in the The Death and Return of Superman story arc where he uses this suit to absorb solar energy to help himself heal and recovery strength.

The minifig has very nice pad printing and comes with both front and back torso printing. The silver “S” symbol is prominently displayed across the chest with ab printing as well. The only little thing that’s “off” is the color for the neck area which is a darker shade of flesh than the head but it’s not a huge problem since sometimes the official LEGO minfigures also has this issue. The feet also has some silver printing on it. The head and hair wasn’t included so I used the ones from the Superman minifigure in the Man of Steel sets. Overall, it’s a nice variant to add to my collection and I want to thank Marc for sending it.

He is selling the Recovery/Solar Suit Superman in his eBay store as well as on BrickLink, with or without the head and hair pieces. The hair that he provides is the swept back tousled hairpiece. Check out more images of the minifigure below.

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LEGO Custom Solar Suit Superman

LEGO Custom Solar Suit Superman

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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - Solar Suit Superman

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