After a couple of days of fairly quiet news in LEGO world, Sir von Lego over on Eurobricks has stirred up the pot with information about the 2015 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets. He has detailed some of the minifigures and prices for next year’s lineup for the Avengers: Age of Ultron sets that will be released next summer. Sir von Lego has given credible information before so I do believe the info is trustworthy.

Avengers “Iron Man” (76029) – 14.99 EUR
Avengers Offroader, with Thor (76030) – 19.99 EUR
Avengers Hulk, Scarlet Witch (76031) – 34.99 EUR
Avengers Space Ship, Captain America (76032) – 79.99 EUR
Avengers Tower (76038) – 69.99 EUR
Avengers Fortress (76041) – 59.99 EUR

From the list above, it looks like we’re finally getting an Avengers Tower that everybody has been asking for and from the price listed, it’ll be a fairly large one with some playability features. Of course, those aren’t the final set names but at least there are some details of who will be included in the sets.

On an related/unrelated note, I’ve received word from a source that we will also be seeing another Avengers set that nobody has noted yet, the Avengers Helicarrier. It will be a UCS type set with the price point around $300 and will be available next summer. I’m going to take this information as a rumor for now but it’ll be cool for the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes to finally see a UCS set considering that we got one for LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes with the Tumbler.

What do you guys think of everything that’s come out so far for the Age of Ultron sets?

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