Back in January of last year the Exo Suit project by Peter Reid on LEGO CUUSOO hit 10,000 supporters and after the review stage, it was announced in October that it would become an official LEGO set. The LEGO designers have been hard at work and today, they have revealed the logo for the set as well as the release date of August 2014 courtesy of New Elementary. The AFOL team that was assembled to help plan and market the set along with LEGO employees consists of Peter Reid, Tim Goddard, Andrew Hamilton, Jeremy Williams, Drew Maughan, Tim Johnson, Julie Greig, Yvonne Doyle, and Ian Greig.

The team went on a two day workshop in Stansted, UK back in January and March to discuss how the set would be presented. Andrew Hamilton has built a model of what the meetings looked like below. Read more on what happened during the meetings over on New Elementary. I can’t wait to see the final product in the next few months!

Designing the Exo-Suit

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