If you’ve been searching for the Space Marines LEGO CUUSOO project by Nick Royer, you’ll see that it’s been taken off the site…temporarily. According to LEGO, the name is trademarked buy another company and have requested that LEGO stop using it. After doing a little research, Games Workshop owns the name “Space Marines” and LEGO is obligated to agree to the other company’s wishes. Although the project is removed at the moment, LEGO has been in contact with Nick to choose a new name for the project. When a new name is chosen, it’ll be back online and and continue on in the Winter Review. Below is the official statement from the LEGO CUUSOO blog:

Hi LEGO Fans. You’re probably wondering what happened to those awesome-looking space military guys on LEGO CUUSOO; you know, the ones that reached 10,000 supporters just before the Winter Review deadline. Well, the name of the project used by the fan builder is actually a trademark owned by another company, and they requested we stop using it on our site.

While we let you submit projects that refer to trademarks owned by others, we don’t enforce others’ trademarks ourselves. However we are legally obligated to comply when we receive a request from a rights holder to remove their trademarks.

Since all of you voted the project to 10,000, and since the artwork is original and based on LEGO elements, it’s our opinion that the only trademark infringement here is the use of the name. So, we’re in contact with NickRoyer to pick a new name and continue to consider the project in the Winter Review. We hope to have it back online soon with the new name.

Sorry about the surprise, and happy building!

Update 1: The products that have claimed the phrase “Space Marines” are the Warhammer 40,000 characters which have been used since the early 90’s. The name will also be used in a brand new game named “Space Hulk” which features

…a team of heavily armoured Space Marines stomp through the infested carcass of an immense spaceship, ripping its chitinous inhabitants to shreds with mighty bolters or otherwise meeting a grisly fate themselves.

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