With the rejection of the Winchester from Shaun of the Dead and the Firefly Serenity sets, LEGO has revised what is acceptable as an official LEGO set on LEGO CUUSOO. Although LEGO has made sets for for teens and adults, their core audience are still mainly children. Since March 29, sets are moderated before even being posted to get supporters. This way, inappropriate sets are quickly removed but some might still sneak through. Below is a list of standards of what LEGO deems as not suitable for a LEGO set. What determines of how a project adheres to the standards are up to LEGO’s discretion.

  • Politics and political symbols
  • Religious references including symbols, buildings, or people
  • Sex, drugs, or smoking
  • Alcohol in any present day situation
  • Swearing
  • Death, killing, blood, terrorism, or torture
  • First-person shooter video games
  • Warfare or war vehicles in any situation post-WWII to present
  • Racism, bullying, or cruelty to real life animals

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