LEGO Minecraft on Facebook has released pictures of what the LEGO Concept Lab team came up with using 6 Micro World sets. I’m looking forward to receiving my set this summer.

Here’s the contents of six sets. Each box also comes with a new-style orange Brick Separator that has a wedge to help you get all of the little 1×1 tiles apart.

Check out those extra pieces! It’s tricky to use them all in one Minecraft model. We can’t wait to see what you make with your sets once they ship this summer.

Here’s a shout-out to a few guest builders: LEGO Concept Lab designer John Henry Harris built the mountain topper where the waterfall begins, designer Mark Cowley made the floating island, and the gray well at the left is by LEGO fan Michael Thomas, one of the fans who submitted LEGO Minecraft to the LEGO CUUSOO site — where this all began!

We used the stock LEGO Minecraft Micro World set as a centerpiece, and built the rest of the model using the 6×6 modular system that you’ll get with your set! It’s easy to make your own world using this technique, and combine with your friends’ worlds to make it bigger.