A few days ago, LEGO held their 2023 Design Seminar and there was an exclusive LEGO Classic Space set given out as gifts with the Cosmic Daydreams (DS2023). The seminar was a space themed so not surprising that the give was also space related. What’s most interesting about the 148 piece set is that it includes a purple Classic Space astronaut minifigure. The description of the set reads:

Everyone has their role to play in space – Pilots, Scientists, Engineers, even Mech-Operators. But the purple Spaceman, that one’s the Dreamer. Dreamers imagine the impossible and bring their wildest thoughts to life! They inspire us to look up, ask the big questions, and build a better universe for everyone!

It even displays the huge NOT FOR RESALE sign that LEGO puts on various items so it’ll be pretty hard to get this set. For those who collect the astronaut minifigures in various colors, you can still get the various pieces on Pick-a-Brick and the torso can be found with the Space Creature from the Series 22 Collectible Minifigures (71032) but it does have some arm printing so it’s not a totally a pure purple torso. Unless a LEGO designer decides to move on from LEGO, we probably won’t be seeing this set hit the secondary market anytime soon. Hopefully LEGO will include the purple astronaut in a future set.

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