LEGO Dimensions Expansion Packs Found at 99 Cents Only Stores

A few readers has informed me that 99 Cents Only Stores have started selling various LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs for only $0.99 each. This has also been confirmed by users on Reddit. Your mileage may vary as to what they are carrying but it looks like it’s some of the older LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs as well as some Team Packs and Level Packs. Even if you’re aren’t into LEGO Dimensions, you can’t deny that this is a great deal even if it’s just for the parts and minifigures.

  • Doug

    Cool, thanks for spreading the news! There was a bunch at Five Below, too. Not sure the price, but they were $5 or less! Lots of Chima, Gimli, and Bad Cop.

  • HMD BrickCustoms

    So would these be at a dollar tree or dollar general?

    • gwai-lo

      I’m wondering the same thing. As soon as I get a chance I’m checking.

      • AnthonyKR

        Were you able to find out? About to check the one near me.

        • gwai-lo

          Nothing at dollar tree

          • AnthonyKR

            Concur. Checked in my local one and they had nada. 🙁

  • donivan

    Dagnabbit! No 99 Cents Only in Ohio 🙁 I’ve seen some at $5 Below, but $.99 is a better deal.

    • Norse Highlander

      None in Virginia either…

      • Jon Houck

        The only stores they have are in CA, TX, AZ, and NM, I believe.

    • AnthonyKR

      I feel your pain! None near me in Tennessee.

  • Gomek

    I called 5 Below and they told me they are $5 which is good, but certainly not great like $1.

  • Paul

    Local 99 cent store in Dallas (Preston/Alpha) had 100+ Crusty the Clown sets and nothing else…

    • Clifford Chen

      All krusty in store for frankford and marsh location

      • Wilfred Solidon

        The Avenue K and Parker store in Plano had the Portal 2 packs, and a few Krustys too.

  • Derak

    In San Diego I’ve found these so far:
    The Simpson’s Level Pack
    Portal Level Pack
    Wicked Witch
    Bad Cop
    At the $.99 store

    • Johnny

      I made it to several SD stores today (Saturday 1/28) and saw mostly Barts and Homers everywhere. Plenty of Unikittys and Badcops at several. Everything else was pretty random. From this list I did not see any Gimlis, and very few Portals.

      Still, what a deal! Have fun on the hunt!!

      And thanks for the original post for the heads up. Now I just need to get the LEGO Dimensions game. 😉

  • Jill Petersen

    I got 14 different ones including level and team packs at the 99 cent store in Mesa AZ on country club and rural. All were $1.00.
    Homer level pack
    Portal level pack
    Ninjago team packs 71207
    Bart fun pack
    Wicket witch fun pack
    Chima fun pack 71223 & 71232
    Ninjago fun pack 71217
    Lord of the rings golium fun pack
    Bad cop fun pack
    Bart fun pack
    Unikitty fun pack
    Emmett fun pack
    Lord of the rings fun pack 71220 & 71219

    • Jill Petersen

      Country club and southern my bad

      • Brian Langenwalter

        The only one you’re missing is Scooby Doo and Shaggy which is at the store on Greenfield and Main St.

  • Rick Sanchez

    that’s hilarious

  • Brian Langenwalter
    • SansIsBored

      You missed one, theres 16, so far, you forgot sensei Wu

      • Brian Langenwalter

        Oh didn’t know he was also available. I went to 6 different stores and never saw him.

  • megafpf5k

    I’ve searched most of the stores in Tucson and will say the one on Ina has the best selection. Talking to the guy, they had others in the back that they had not yet put out. So if you have a store that’s selection isn’t as great.. ask an employee or visit back to see if they replenished stock.

  • natasha anne lux

    Warning to those shopping at their local 99 Cents Store. I went in Saturday afternoon and loaded up my cart with almost 50 Lego Dimension sets. As I was making my way to the checkout lane, I was attacked and confronted by an individual employee of the store. She inquired in a very threatening voice if I was aware that the Lego Dimensions had a nine limit. I told her know that I was aware of the limit. She then said in a rather rude tone, there is a sign with the items. I informed her that there was not a sign. She said it was not her decision regarding the limit but corporate. I told her again, that there was not a sign with the merchandise and that she could not stop from buying the Lego’s. She said “FINE, you are the last person to get away with buying more than the limit!”.

    As I was leaving I looked to see if she had posted a sign with the sets but she had not. So be aware that some locations are limiting how many you can purchase.

    • Crystal Britt-Hines

      Where you shopping at which location

      • natasha anne lux

        Redding, CA

        • andy

          very selfish of you.

  • Crystal Britt-Hines

    Also your missing the chima cragger alligator mostly at all the Phoenix location they only have him

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