LEGO Dimensions Wave 8 Adventure World Preview

LEGO Dimensions Goonies Level Pack (71267)

Earlier today, the LEGO Dimensions social media pages released a little Adventure World randomizer and at the end, it shows some levels from a couple of upcoming expansion packs which you can play in. In the image above we see the city of Astoria, Oregon from The Goonies Level Pack (71267). If you look real closely, you can see the Astoria Country Club as well as the One Eyed Willy’s cave below.

The other image that is shown is for the LEGO City Fun Pack (71266) where you can see LEGO City itself and some of the locations such as the police station on the bottom left, Albatross Prison on the bottom right, and Jethro Hayes’ Farm on the top left.

Both expansion packs are from Wave 8 which also includes the Hermione Fun Pack (71348) and they will be released on May 9.

LEGO Dimensions LEGO City Fun Pack (71266)

  • Gomek

    I still maintain if Lego sticks with it, Dimensions will start to pay dividends. Once the packs go out of production the prices are going to rise and those initial prices won’t look so bad. I really think they’ll see an uptick with each new wave.

    The minute they kill it though, interest will plummet. (though unique figures will always command a good price in my humble prediction)

    • Purple Dave

      Except secondary market prices have very little effect on their bottom line. By the time things get that far, they’ve made as much or as little money as they’re ever going to make off that product.

      It also doesn’t matter how popular things get with the consumers if there’s only one year left in the plan and the stores decide to order light in that final year.

      Most of the minifigs are actually unique, but most people probably don’t realize it because the only difference between the Dimensions version and the standard one is the face print.

      Anyways, I just had a great score. TRU had 50% off on all Dimensions product (which was all priced at MSRP), and I cleaned out almost every store within half an hour’s drive of Aquaman packs at $5.99 each.

      • Gomek

        yes and no with the secondary market. Like I said, once the secondary market values start to go up, the MSRP prices start to look better and more people start to buy, which very much affects their bottom line. I mean look what speculation did for the comics market in the 80’s and 90’s. $2.95 cover prices didn’t look so bad when issues where regularly going for much more than that. (of course your can make several arguments about the bad things it did, but it would be hard to deny speculation didn’t bring in a lot of money and interest to comics.) Problem is you have to still have new waves of product on the market to benefit from that increased value perception and that’s what I’m not sure TT Games and Lego have in the plans.

        Also I hear you about the different face prints but I kind of doubt most people care. The recent crazy in variations has definitely cured me of my completist attitude. I really think there is little or no appeal to a lot of the variant minifigs beyond game play.