LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi Euro Set Pricing

StarWarsCollector.de has found the pricing for the LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi sets. The pricing are in Euros and it looks like you may have to start saving up for them as they seem to fairly expensive. Thanks to Marioca23 for the email.

System Sets

75176 – €39.99
75177 – €59.99
75179 – €79.99
75187 – €99.99
75188 – €109.99
75189 – €139.99
75190 – €149.99

Buildable Figures

75526 – €19.99
75528 – €24.99
75529 – €24.99
75530 – €34.99

**Feature image via ProfessorBrickkeeper**

  • Benjamin Crawley

    Who thinks there’ll be only one or two old Luke figures and he’ll be in the most expensive sets?

  • These prices were found by starwarscollector.de on a german shop site. the shop eurobricks is reffering to is a danish shop – therefore they tried to convert the prices in US$. 😉 but these are the actual real german prices …

    • Thanks for clarifying.

      • Oh wow! Thanks for editing the article! I really appreciate this! 🙂

  • Scarilian

    Lego always does the Star Wars vehicles over and over – so my only interest is the buildable figures.

    • Reaven Veaceslav

      There will probably be a few new vehicles since it’s a new movie

  • The Anonymous Hutt

    From what little we know so far, I’m guessing as follows:

    -$40 set is unknown, perhaps something to do with Ach-To or the tree-like area seen in the trailer
    -$60 set is one of those vehicles seen in the trailer trailing the red smoke
    -$80 set is the rumored First Order Tie Bomber
    -$99 set is a new First Order AT-AT
    -$109 set is the base or ship that Poe is seen running through in the trailer, possibly one of the new ships in the space battle shot

    -$140 set is something to do with either Snoke’s mobile base or his castle(rumors only)
    -$150 set is most likely a giant vehicle or a version of Ach-To

    As for the buildable figures, one can assume that they consist of:

    -TLJ Rey
    -TLJ Finn
    -TLJ Kylo Ren

    Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the new characters. I’m assuming they will be saved for the Winter 2018 wave, like Baze, Chirrut, and the Shoretrooper were for Rogue One. I assume those figures will consist of:

    -Benecio del Toro’s unknown character

  • Sid Dinsay

    Will this be the first LEGO Star Wars wave where most of the sets cost $99 or more? Sad.

    • Reaven Veaceslav

      Oh dang I didn’t notice that at first. That’s kinda weird.

  • Brad

    Where’d you find the poster image?

    • Brad

      Nevermind, I decided to try clicking on it.

  • jermain burnett

    They are more new Lego Star Wars comin soon is available Euro prices not and USA prices yet.