LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures (71012)

It isn’t that long until the release of the LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures (71012) or if you’re lucky, you may already have some at your local Target stores. I’ve been asked this by quite a few number of readers so here’s my “feel guide” for the Disney Minifigures. Good luck on your search!


Stitch is one of three minifigures in the series to have short legs. His molded head with the two large ears should be easy to feel for.


As the second minifigure with short legs, you should be feeling for the head piece as well but this time for the antenna on top of the head.

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear should be fairly easy with the wings on the jetpack.


Since there are two minifigures in this series that have the lamp piece, I would still suggest feeling for it. Genie will be easier to pick out because of the “leg” tail piece he has so if you don’t feel it, it will be Aladdin.


As mentioned above for Genie, you should be feeling for the curvy tail piece.


For Maleficent, she has many identifiers including the sloped dress piece and the horned headdress.


Alice is one of two minifigures that have the new skirt piece. I would suggest feeling for the 1×1 round tile or the bottle to confirm.

Cheshire Cat

For the Cheshire, I would feel for the tail piece which is the longest of the tail pieces in this wave and is similar to Rocket Raccoon’s.

Daisy Duck

Daisy and Donald essentially have the same parts however she is the only one with the separate bow piece.

Donald Duck

Again, both Donald and Daisy have the same parts so if you don’t feel the bow piece, that should be Donald.

Minnie Mouse

Following a similar trend, Minnie and Mickey have the same heads however Minnie is easier to pick out because of her skirt and bow pieces.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey should be simple to find because of the head mold and no other extra parts.

Mr. Incredible

He is one of two minifigures to have a 2×2 tile. He should be easier to find because he has no large hair piece but a simple small one.


Opposite of Mr. Incredible, Syndrome has the large pointy hair piece. Confirm with the 2×2 tile if necessary.

Peter Pan

For the simplest way, I would suggest feeling for the two dagger pieces. Note that they will be attached together to the plastic mold piece.

Captain Hook

Captain Hook has a few identifiers to feel for such as the hook on the left hand, the rapier, and the large hat/hair piece.


Ursula should be easy to find with her octopus mold with the tentacles as well as the trident.


For Ariel, her bulky fish tail should be easy to feel for.

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