There has been much excitement today with the LEGO 2016 catalog images from carlboettcher and I think the last things we haven’t seen before are the new LEGO Elves and Minecraft sets. There will be six sets for the LEGO Elves theme which now introduces the Dragons from the storyline.

Emily Jones and the Baby Wind Dragon (41171)
The Water Dragon Adventure (41172)
Elvendale School of Dragons (41173)
The Starlight Inn (41174)
Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave (41175)
The Secret Market Place (41176)


LEGO Minecraft is still going strong in 2016 with four more sets that take place in various biomes. They introduce some new characters like Alex, the Iron Golem, and the Wither.

The Iron Golem (21123)
The End Portal (21124)
The Jungle Tree House (21125)
The Wither (21126)

Minecraft 2016

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