LEGO FORMA Koi (81000)

It has been just over a day since LEGO announced their new adult-centered theme, LEGO FORMA, and it looks like there’s quite a bit of interest for it. Their initial perk goal of 500 has been surpassed five times over and as of this writing, it sits at 2,590 perks claimed in total. The US Super Box option has already had one-third of the inventory claimed out of the 3,000 available. The UK Super Box option is already 40% claimed out of the 1,000 available in that region with still about a month left in the crowdfunding project. The Super Box options save you a little bit money compared to just buying the base Koi set and the additional skins separately but there’s still quite a bit of inventory for those options.

I’ve pre-order the LEGO FORMA Super Box so I’m quite excited to see how it looks and feels in person when it released in January. Note that this short-run LEGO FORMA batch will only be available on Indiegogo and won’t be available for purchase on Shop@Home or LEGO Brand Stores so if you’re interested in it, I wouldn’t wait to throw in your support, especially for the Super Box options because those will go out of stock first. Did any of you give it a go for this new theme?

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