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LEGO FORMA Not Launching Any Further

Late last night, LEGO FORMA released probably their last update informing backers and followers that FORMA will not be be moving forward with any additional products. Also, they stated that leftover inventory of the UK version of the Koi (81000) will only be sold at Shop@Home UK. If you still want one, now is the time to jump on it. If you’re outside of the UK, I would suggest asking a friend who lives there and is able to get you one or use a reshipper service. It’s unfortunate that LEGO FORMA won’t be moving forward but maybe LEGO could do another crowdsourcing product in the future as FORMA was a learning experience for them.


LEGO FORMA Koi (81000) Available on Shop@Home UK

Here’s something that popped up on UK LEGO Shop@Home which may be of interest for some of you. LEGO is now selling their Indiegogo project LEGO FORMA Koi (81000) on Shop@Home UK for pretty much retail price. I’m not sure when it became available or how many they have in stock but if you missed out on supporting the project last year, you can now get one. Note that it is only available in the UK which is kind of weird but I assume they had some left over when the set shipped out to backers. Thanks to Garrett for the heads up.


LEGO FORMA Super Set Giveaway

LEGO FORMA Koi (81000)

LEGO dived into paid crowdsourcing last year with them introducing LEGO FORMA on Indiegogo. It seemed pretty popular as everything sold out before the scheduled end date and it’s going for quite a lot on the secondary market. Midway through the campaign, they started the Referral Program and we were actually the grand prize winner of the Super Set which included the base Koi model and all of three skins. To thank you guys, I will be giving it away as I have already backed a set of my own. All you have to do is to complete the tasks on the form below. I’ll run it for a week and it’ll be worldwide since it was only available in the US and UK. If you can’t see the widget below, head on over to this link.

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LEGO FORMA Building Instructions and Skin Templates

LEGO FORMA Koi (81000)

If you weren’t able to pre-order LEGO FORMA on Indiegogo last year, LEGO has finally provided the building instructions for the base set. In addition, you they have also provided some blank templates for the Koi skin as well as the Shark skin for you to create your own. Of course you’ll have to provide your own parts and the skins aren’t as high quality as if you had purchased it but at least LEGO was kind enough to get your started.


LEGO FORMA Shipping Soon


If you supported LEGO FORMA on Indiegogo, you may have gotten an email stating that production has finished on the products and will be shipping soon. For the UK, delivery will be on or around January 16 while the US has been delayed. This is because the skins encountered a shipping delay due to the holiday season and the US distribution center are expected to receive them by the end of January and it will be delivered around February 6.


LEGO FORMA Officially Sold Out

The Indiegogo campaign for LEGO FORMA has officially ended as all of the perks that were offered have been claimed with a few hours left over. The campaign was 1,334% above the 500 perk goal as there were 6,673 perks claimed. I’m not sure how that number came to be as the total number of perks that were available were 6,505. We now have to wait a few months for the delivery of the sets which is estimated to be sometime in January 2019.


Five Days Left on LEGO FORMA Indiegogo Campaign

We are down to the last five days for the LEGO FORMA Indiegogo campaign and there is only a small amount left available for each perk option. The best deal is the LEGO FORMA Super Box and as of this writing, there’s only 160 left for the US and 45 for the UK. As for the individual models, there’s only a handful left for each of those and they’ll surely go out of stock before the campaign is over. I’ll do another reminder on the last day as there will certainly be a rush of supporters as it usually is with crowdfunding campaigns.

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