The LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292) was announced this morning to a very positive response and included in the set are minifigures of the six main characters and a recurring character. They have worn a large number of outfits during the decade it was on the air and LEGO had the tough choice to find one outfit for each character as their minifigure print. All of them had iconic looks throughout the years and here are the outfits the minifigures are based on.

Ross Geller

Rachel Green

Chandler Bing

Monica Geller

Joey Tribbiani

Phoebe Buffay

Janice Litman-Goralnik

The LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292) will be available for VIP members starting on May 19 and to the general public on June 1. The set has 2,048 pieces and will retail for $149.99.

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