It looks like it’s almost time to say goodbye to the LEGO Galaxy Squad theme. LEGO Shop@Home has discounted every set in anticipation of the theme coming to the end of its cycle. So if you’ve been holding off on picking up any of these sets, now is the perfect time to do so before everything is out of stock. Also remember you have about a week left if you want to get the free LEGO Creator Balloon Cart (40108) with purchases of $75 or more.

Space Swarmer (70700)Price:$11.99 Sale Price: $9.48

Swarm Interceptor (70701)Price: $19.99 Sale Price: $15.98

Warp Stinger (70702)Price: $29.99 Sale Price: $23.98

Vermin Vaporizer (70704)Price: $59.99 Sale Price: $47.98

Bug Obliterator (70705)Price: $79.99 Sale Price: $63.98

CLS-89 Eradicator Mech (70707)Price: $39.99 Sale Price: $31.98

Hive Crawler (70708)Price: $69.99 Sale Price: $55.98

Galactic Titan (70709)Price: $99.99 Sale Price: $79.98

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