LEGO has updated the logo for their LEGO Games subtheme and there are rumors that Overwatch may be part of this gaming umbrella. It is reported that LEGO Games will become it’s own theme and will include everything that is related to gaming from various video games to the Bits N’ Bricks podcasts. LEGO could just put various game related sets under the general LEGO Games theme without actually having a dedicated theme for them which is a smart move.

On to the Overwatch rumors, it has been reported that there could be a LEGO Overwatch set 76980 coming in November featuring the Null Sector Titan. If you follow Overwatch lore, the Titan was part of the Omnic Crisis at the Paris attack. The set is rumored to have 901 pieces and priced at 79.99€. We’ve been waiting for more sets from Overwatch but the game has died down a lot since the last wave of sets but hopefully Overwatch 2 can reinvigorate the line in 2022.

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