LEGO has officially revealed six new LEGO Hidden Side 2020 sets via the German LEGO Newsroom. There will be some new Newbury locations and vehicles as well as characters to expand from the popular line that was released earlier this year. Thanks to Promobricks for the heads up.

Portal (70427) – €19.99

Includes Jack, Axel Chops, Scrimper, Waylon

Jack’s Beach Buggy (70428) – €19.99

Includes Jack, Parker, Scott Francis

El Fuego’s Stunt Airplane (70429) – €29.99

Includes El Fuego, Jack, Mary Breaksom

Newbury Subway Station (70430) – €29.99

Includes Jack, Parker, Pete Peterson

The Lighthouse of Darkness (70431) – €49.99

Includes Jack, Parker, Jennie Napo, Claus Stormward, Skeleton

Ghost Fair (70432) – €49.99

Includes Jack, Parker, JB, Jimbo Loblo, Terry Top

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