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Rumors of LEGO Hidden Side Theme Being Discontinued

If you’ve been online the past few days, especially on Instagram, you may have seen a rumor flying around saying that the LEGO Hidden Side will be discontinued. Considering the theme was just released last year, LEGO wouldn’t think of stopping a theme this quickly, would they?

Unfortunately from what I’ve been hearing, the LEGO Hidden Side theme will indeed be discontinuing at the end of 2020. This new style of play combining the physical bricks with the digital aspect wasn’t sustainable as they thought it would be. I’ve also read that LEGO will be stopping production on the sets and independent stores can no longer order them, just whatever left of stock LEGO has at their warehouses.

If these things are true, it’s sad to see a theme with so much potential going away so quickly especially when we don’t get that many horror themed sets. If the LEGO Hidden Side is discontinued, LEGO will inform the public ahead of time like they have in the past on some items.


LEGO Hidden Side Summer 2020 Set Images

Earlier today, we posted about the summer 2020 LEGO sets and we touched a bit on the upcoming wave of LEGO Hidden Side sets. There are now some images of the sets coming out of Rakuten that shows closer details for each one. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like the Slender Man type guy from the Ghost Firetruck set. Unfortunately, there was no product video for the castle set to extract images from.

JB’s Submarine (70433) – 224 pieces

Supernatural Race Car (70434) – 244 pieces

Newbury Abandoned Prison (70435) – 400 pieces

Ghost Firetruck 3000 (70436) – 760 pieces

Mysterious Castle (70437) – 1,035 pieces


LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Subway (70430) Amazon Sale – April 2020

There is a limited time deal on Amazon for the LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Subway (70430). It is currently priced at $23.99 which is 20% and is the first time it has been on sale on the site. This is a brand new set for 2020 so if you’ve been holding off for a sale on it, now is your chance. It includes minifigures of Parker Jackson, Jack Davids, and Pete Peterson who turns into a ghost, as well as a ghost dog.


LEGO February 2020 Double VIP Point Sets

It’s a new month and that means there are some LEGO sets that now have Double VIP Points. These two sets include the LEGO Hidden Side Haunted Fairground (70432) and the LEGO Friends Baking Competition (41393). You will be able to earn 650 points on the Haunted Fairground set while the Baking Competition nets you 520 points. Both sets qualify you for the LEGO Masters Shopping Bag (5006086) and the Fairground also gets you the LEGO Hidden Side Drag Racer (40408).


LEGO Hidden Side Drag Racer (40408) Promotion Now Live on Shop@Home

The promotion for the LEGO Hidden Side Drag Racer (40408) set is now live on LEGO Shop@Home. From now until February 9, you can get it for free with purchases of $45 or more, while supplies last. The 134 piece set features a ghostly drag racer along with minifigures of Jack and Dwayne.

The promotion also stacks with the Year of the Rat set with purchases of $80 or more and the LEGO Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi minifigure with Star Wars purchases of $40.

USA | Canada | UK | France | Germany


LEGO Hidden Side Drag Racer (40408) Promotional Set Official Images

There are now official images of the LEGO Hidden Side Drag Racer (40408) promotional set that have been uploaded to LEGO’s servers. The set has 134 pieces and you can get it free with purchases of $45 or more from January 24 – February 9, while supplies last. The set features a ghostly drag racer along with minifigures of Jack and Dwayne. It’s cool to see that LEGO is still cranking out Hidden Side promotions especially now since the game now has multiplayer functionality.


LEGO Hidden Side 2020 Sets Officially Revealed

LEGO has officially revealed six new LEGO Hidden Side 2020 sets via the German LEGO Newsroom. There will be some new Newbury locations and vehicles as well as characters to expand from the popular line that was released earlier this year. Thanks to Promobricks for the heads up.

Portal (70427) – €19.99

Includes Jack, Axel Chops, Scrimper, Waylon

Jack’s Beach Buggy (70428) – €19.99

Includes Jack, Parker, Scott Francis

El Fuego’s Stunt Airplane (70429) – €29.99

Includes El Fuego, Jack, Mary Breaksom

Newbury Subway Station (70430) – €29.99

Includes Jack, Parker, Pete Peterson

The Lighthouse of Darkness (70431) – €49.99

Includes Jack, Parker, Jennie Napo, Claus Stormward, Skeleton

Ghost Fair (70432) – €49.99

Includes Jack, Parker, JB, Jimbo Loblo, Terry Top

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