LEGO has officially announced the next set in the Modular Building Collection with the LEGO Icons Jazz Club (10312). Releasing on January 1, the set has 2,899 pieces and retails for $229.99. Like with other modulars, the floors and be removed to show various details inside the Jazz Club including a Pizzeria, a Managerial office, a Tailor’s workshop, and a Dressing Room. There’s also a greenhouse on the roof as well. Check out more images of the set below.

In addition, there will also be a change to the look of the building instructions. This mainly affects the adult-oriented sets as they migrate to the paper bags. This is to ensure that the visual appearance of the pags is not impacted by the ink marks caused by the friction during transportation.

As our fans have noticed, the covers of building instructions for many of our sets underwent a re-design this year with exception of our LEGO® sets for adults. Starting from 1HY 2023, building instructions for adult sets will also feature re-designed covers with lighter background prints. The redesign of building instruction covers is connected to our move to paper-based bags in our boxes. A lighter background print ensures that we maintain our very high quality standards. In this case, that the visual appearance of the paper-based bags is not impacted by potential ink marks caused by friction between building instructions and bags during transportation.


14th December 2022: The LEGO Group unveils the hottest new music venue in town – the LEGO Jazz Club. A vibrant addition to the LEGO Modular Building collection, the LEGO Jazz Club banishes the blues, bringing the theme of music to the collection for the first time.

Featuring a decorative interior and exterior, the set can be built in five pieces and includes a Jazz Club, a Pizzeria, a Managerial office, a Tailor’s workshop, a Dressing Room and a Rooftop Green House on the lower roof.

In addition, the set comes with eight minifigures including a Jazz Singer, Bassist, Drummer, Pizza Chef, Pizza Delivery Driver, Club Manager, Tailor, and a Magician.

Expand your LEGO Modular Building collection with the new LEGO Jazz Club set, available from 1st January 2023 via LEGO Stores and priced at $/€229.99/£199.99/349.99 AUD/299.99 CAD

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